Friday, January 04, 2008

Happy new year 2008...

New year 2008 - First ocean; first art-work and varius

Props to Devir for the Saint - "Miracle of the roses" (and cans)

New years (High) Light's

New years nature report by Marta

Say no to no

Isn't it high time someone got negative about negativity?
Yes it is.
Look arround... The world is full of things that, acording to nay-sayers, should never have happened.
"Impossible";"Impractical";"No";and yet: "Yes".
Yes, continents have been found;
Yes, Man have played golf in Moon;
Yes, straw is being turned into biofuel to poer cars.Yes, yes, yes...
What does it take to turn no into yes?
An open mind!
A willingness to take risks.
And, when the problem seems most insoluble, when the challenge is hardest, when everyone else is shaking their heads to say: NO!
Be unique, say: YES!
Have an XXX-treme 2008
Freestyle speach with freedom flavour...
K9 xxx


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